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*Sigh* I’m in love…

10 Jun

…with my new lampshade!!

Target has all of these beautiful items with designs by Liberty of London, which always has the most beautiful floral patterns you can imagine. I’ve been watching for the items to go on clearance. Well, they’ve been on clearance for a few weeks, but I’ve been waiting for the 75% off clearance!! I saw these lampshades over a month ago and was so struck by them, but I don’t pay $20 for stuff like that, even if it is gorgeous! So today, as I was perusing the clearance endcaps, there was this beauty, for $4.50. I wasn’t entirely sure which lamp I would use it on, but I knew it was coming home with me. Then I noticed the inside of the peacock feathers had brown, and I have this beautiful brown lamp ($5 at the thrift store…I waited months for it to go down!), and it was perfect! I brought it out of my room and into my den, and it brightens up the corner by the sofa now. Happiness.